Dual Sun Planets


Nowadays, in the world of dual core processors a new theory is added about the dual sun planets. There is an interesting article about this matter in BBC.

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The World’s Longest Tunnel


The world’s longest tunnel, which will connect Zurich with Milan, is currently under construction. The official site of the project provides all the relative details as well as an interesting photo galery.

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Electricity from Sea Waves ???


The need for renewable energy sources and “green” power resources becomes more and more necessary with the global warming effects getting more obvious. Apart from the wind farms and the solar panel systems, an alternative way of producing electricity with no CO2 emissions is using the huge amount of energy carried by the sea waves. There is an interesting article provided by BBC about a promising project by Scottish engineers, which I think it will be expanded soon to many countries.

It is also amazing the fact that 40 machines may be deployed in an area of one square kilometer, which is considerably low, providing power to 20,000 homes.

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Eternal Love!


In Italy, archaeologists have discovered two 5,000-year-old skeletons of a man and a woman locked in an embrace. This buried couple reminds us of the love story of Romeo and Juliet. A full report can be found in BBC. Also, there is a free video concerning this “romantic” and important discovery.

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A Photo from Space – Cleveland Volcano, Aleutian Islands


That’s an astonishing photo of the Cleveland volcano, shot by a NASA engineer from space, just after producing a plume of ash. You can read the full story here.

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