Sailing in Greece


Happy New Year to everyone. It may be winter but for those planning ahead, it is time to prepare themselves for the summer. For those planning to cross the seven seas by sailing their 20 ft buckets, it is time to refresh their knowledge on the subject. A very interesting site on sailing in Greece is found here. This site provides a very good online sailing course, plus if you follow the link “sailing Greece”, you can find many useful information about approaching greek ports (nautical maps, routes, weather etc). I think it is the best site on sailing. Let’s prepare ourselves for sailing adventures.

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Go Sailing!


A list of catalogs and brochures concerning different types of sailboats can be found in Montgomery Sailboat. In these brochures anyone can find information about specifications of the boat along with photos. Just pay attention to Leisure 20 Brochure 1983, isn’t it amazing!!!

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