Antiques Shopping


Over hundreds of dealers from many countries have exposed their antiques at GoAntiques and anyone can buy them! There is a big variety of antiques including Art, Books, Furniture, Porcelain, Decorative arts and more! Although these antiques are not free, as it happens with books, photography etc. in FreeDome, however it is worth it to take a look at these antiques!

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7 Wonders Of The World!


Now you can vote for the seven wonders of the world by visiting New7Wonders. In this site there is an election of the seven wonders of the world including different places and monuments all around the world. So, everybody can vote for the monument of his own country or for others that are believed to be nice. The procedure of the elections is mentioned in New7Wonders and the final results will be announced in Lisbon on 7/7/2007. Also, there are photos of all the places along with historical information provided in the size of a paragraph.


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Find out what happened the day you were born!


If you want to know what happened the day you wewre born then check Kakorama. In there you can see who else was born in the same date as you, what were the important facts of the year of your birth and many other funny things! 

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Animal Friends!


In Animal Friends there is a photo gallery of cute pets. The best photo gets a prize too! So, if you own a pet or you have a good photo to submit go on for the prize! Also, there is information about pet insurance, there are experts that can give you advice on pet behaviour and generally many other things concerning pets!

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Carnival:History and Photos


Carnival is an annual celebration that is found in many countries of the world. In History of Carnival there is information about this event and where it started from, which countries celebrate this event and many quotations about the different cultures of the world.
But the most exciting part of History of Carnival is the Carnival Photo Gallery!

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