ATHENS Final 2007


In a few days in Athens, Greece a great sport event is going to take place. This event is the UEFA Champions League Final

In this link there are information about the teams that participate in this final, an interesting online video of UEFA and also many information about Athens Olympic stadium, Athens city and many more…

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WWD Dinosaur Workshop. Making the dinosaurs real.


For those who are keen about dinosaurs, there is an interesting place where you should visit. Walking With Dinosaurs is an awesome web site that offers details about dinosaurs.

It is even more interesting watching this video about the WWD Dinosaur Workshop. It is amazing how they build those gigantic creatures and how they make them moving and walking.

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Poker Chip Tricks


When handling the poker chips becomes a science. See what I mean …

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Let’s Play Backgammon!!!


Backgammon is a popular table game which combines luck and skills. Sometimes you may strongly wish to play but you have no friends available. Try to play online then. Download the appropriate software, install it and give it a go. In the link provided you can find all the information required to get ready for a game. You may also play without downloading and installing any software by clicking here.

You can lay stakes either with real money or you can just play for fun. Don’t ask me about real money gambling. I just played for fun a round and lost. Anyway, that’s a funny way to spend some spare time. (Image from

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Not only For Halloween Fans…!


Maybe you have to wait until almost a year for Halloween but this link HALLOWEEN, has everything about Halloween including, greeting cards, Halloween screensavers, Halloween jokes, costumes for kids, costumes for adults and many more! A place for fans of Halloween or simply fans of entertainment!!!!

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