Lantern Festival


Today is the 15th day of the Lunar New year, which it marks the end of the Spring Festival (China’s traditional festival), and it is also known as lantern festival. On the 15th day of the first full moon night of the year also one ‘Yuan’ rehabilitation begins and it is celebrated for the continuity of spring.

According to the Chinese tradition, with the full moon in the night sky, 10 thousands of lanterns are light up in order to celebrate the show. Celebration activities include seeing lanterns, lighting firecracker, guessing lantern riddles, the dragon and lion dancing, eating lanterns and family reunion. (Source: Wikipedia Photo taken by

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The Thirteen Towers of Chankillo


The Thirteen Towers of Chankillo, which they span the annual rising and setting arcs of the Sun, are considered as the oldest solar observatory in the Americas. The site, located in Peru, is estimated to be 2,300 years old. Read the whole story and details in BBC.

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Happy Birthday – Today is Everyone’s Birthday


According to Chinese tradition, the seventh day of the first month of the lunar year (i.e. today) is regarded as the date for everyone’s birthday, also known as the “Human Victory Festival”, “Human Day,” “People” and “People on the 7th”. It is said that Creation legend Nu Wa came to the world to create the animals, such as dogs and pigs and cows…etc, to create people in the seventh day, so this day is the birthday of mankind.

Chinese people traditionally prefer foods which symbolize good luck in the Lunar New Year, in the seventh day, they normally enjoy eating rice with sort of soup which is made of seven vegetables in order to get rid of evils and heal the diseases. (Source: Wikipedia)

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KUNG HEI FAT CHOY! (Happy New Year!)


2007 – The Year of Golden Pig

Feb 18th 2007 remarks the arrival of the Chinese lunar new year of golden pig which falls every six decades. It symbolised good luck and prosperity. Chinese New Year is the most important festival in China and celebrates the earth coming back to life.

New Year preparations start at least a few days in advance. Houses are needed to be clean thoroughly; windows and doors are decorated with red paper scrolls with lucky characters and symbols. All the debts should be paid back, new clothes should be purchased ready, flowers are bought to bring luck and fortune. All the food should be ready for the gathering dinner; additionally lots of sweet which symbolised the good luck are ready for the visitors to taste.

On the New Year’s Eve, families gather together to have a big meal and in general people stay until late to play with firework at midnight to scare the evils and embrace the new year.

In addition, lots of celebrations are followed like lion dancing, dragon dance performance; lantern and flower shows, relatives and family visiting…etc. Lucky money wrapped in red packet is given to kids and unmarried adults by the married ones which brings good luck and fortunate.

Traditionally the festivities last 15th day of the lunar month until the Lantern Festival is held. (Source BBC)

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