Swinging Party Lucky Draw


A group of women and men are having a swinging party. When a beautiful women draws a car key from a glass bowl, the owner of the car is very happy to show up while other men are jealous. Followed by a very fat lady is trying to draw a key from the bowl, all the men are waiting nervously. A corolla car key is picked up by the lady, all the man stand up proudly to claim the ownership. It is a naughty ad but very funny.See the ad .

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Human Skateboard


This is one of the innovative advertisements which shows a human being used as a skateboard to show the performance of Sneaux shoes. See the ad .

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The Goldfish that barks – Avista Language School Ad


A goldfish is happily swimming in the fish bowl while a cat is approaching towards it. As the cat wants to have it as dinner, the goldfish suddenly barks like a dog and scars the cat to run away. See the ad .

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Man vs. Bear Kung Fu Fighting – John West Salmon Ad


A few bears are hunting salmons alongside the river. Suddenly a salmon jumps out from the water and lands on the river bank. A brave man is rushing to have a “tough” Kung Fu fighting with the bear in order to get the salmon. See how the smart bear shows vivid Kung Fu tricks.

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Kiwi Lottery Advertisement


A young man is giving exam in the college. When the invigilator advises the students that only one minute left, he uses this time to play his lottery scratchcard. When he walks up to hand in his exam paper, the cold invigilator told him that he is too late and he has failed ! The brilliant student outwits the invigilator to submit his paper at the end! See how.

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