Asus Striker Extreme – Proper 680i Chipset Drivers


After formatting my system, I installed all the appropriate drivers, but I noticed that although the system was “fresh” it suffered from some sort of lagging. Indeed, that came to my attention when watching movies (I made sure that the DVD-ROM was fine). There was also a few seconds delay when loading the personal settings after logging in.

I reinstalled the 680i chipset drivers I had downloaded from ASUS web site again and again with no luck. I had also some issues with my USB2.0 speeds.

I came across with the nvidia web site and I tried to download my drivers from that place . I chose the proper combination of product and OS and my system now fires up in a couple of seconds and after watching 5 movies I have not noticed that lagging.

I am not sure whether there is any difference in the driver, as they seem identical, but I thought of posting thisexpereince in case that helps someone who has similar issues.

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