ASUS Striker Extreme – CPU INIT Error

July 8th, 2007 by Kostakiss


I guess there are plenty of people out there who have purchased the ASUS Striker Extreme motherboard and are now disappointed with their choice and definitely frustrated with ASUS. Those were my feelings, too.

After wasting tens of hours on internet searching and many more on clearing my mobo’s CMOS, I think I found out the solution, which I would share with all the folks out there who experience the same issues.

If you get the CPU INIT error message and you try to clear the CMOS, but the mobo seems dead, then probably your problem is your memory’s voltage.

Briefly, my mobo seemed dead, with no beeping, no posting. The only thing I could see was the CPU INIT message on the mobo’s LCD. However, the CPU fan together with all the mobo’s leds where on, which means that there was voltage across it. I tried all the possible ways of clearing the CMOS, with and without cards, swapping memory stick or sticks and so on, but with no results.

Your mobo is most likely fine if the CPU fan works and here is the way to bring it back to life.

First of all you need to have a low specification RAM, running on probably 667 MHz, but the most important of all is the memory voltage. The memory needs to run with 1.8 Volts. The OCZ 9200 I got uses 2.3 Volts for operating, which is far away from 1.8 Volts. Note that the default settings for the memory voltage on your BIOS is set to AUTO, which is actually 1.8 Volts. This is probably the reason that you cannot clear your CMOS with high data rate modules, as all of them use higher voltage than that.

Step 1

Remove all the power cords including the 24-pin ATX connector (EATXPWR) and maybe the 2×4 (8-pin EPS) or 1×4 ATX12V connector (the one which powers up the CPU and is located just next to it).

Step 2

Remove all the cards including your graphics card

Step 3

Place only one Memory Stick at the last slot (the one further from CPU).

Step 4

Clear your CMOS. If you don’t know or you are not sure how, CLICK HERE.

Step 5

Put the graphics card on.

Step 6

Connect all the power cables, including the 24-pin ATX connector (EATXPWR) and the 2×4 (8-pin EPS) or 1×4 ATX12V connector.

Step 7

Power UP

You should now hear the desired BEEP and the motherboard should normally post. If everything works fine, shut down your PC, remove the low performance memory stick and install the high rate memories. During the posting enter the BIOS and change the memory voltage from AUTO to the appropriate value.

Please note that, if you do not have the newest BIOS version you should do so as soon as possible. My BIOS version is currently 1102, which is the latest. If you notice on the BIOS updates, there are many memory combatibility issues fixed on each updated version. Therefore the very first thing when you bring the motherboard in life is to update the BIOS keeping the low performance memory and then install the high data rate memory sticks.

In case that you have any query about the process mentioned in this post or you did not eventually brought your motherboard back to life, please feel free to leave your message here.

You can also leave a message to let other people know what you have experienced and of course whether this trick worked for you or not.

If you have failed fixing your CPU INIT error, please try an alternative solution at the following link

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  1. Derek UNITED STATES Says:

    Hey there!

    I tried everything said above and I still seem to be out of luck… Nothing seems to happen at all when I hit power I only seem to get the motherboard lights and no fans or anything else.

  2. Kostakiss UNITED KINGDOM Says:

    Hi Derek!

    I guess you mean that the CPU fan does not work. That’s an important difference to the case above.

    “Your mobo is most likely fine if the CPU fan works and here is the way to bring it back to life.”

    Check again the fan supply and make sure you have connected the fan on the proper connector (don’t worry! May be it is silly, but happens to everyone) and in the proper way.

    You also need to make sure that you have connected the 4-pin or 2×4 pin EPS connector properly. To be honest I am not sure if this affects the supply of the CPU fan, but it definitely affects the booting, as the manual says…

    If you are sure that everything is fine, but still does not work, then I am afraid you have to RMA your board back to your retailer, since it is probably a faulty motherboard. When I called my retailer before I RMA it back the first thing they asked me was if my CPU fan spins.

  3. Douglas Cook UNITED STATES Says:

    I’m not sure what you mean “low specification RAM” I am having that problem CPU INIT

    I have A-DATA 800Mhz runs at 1.8…

    Do I need to get some other kind to reset CMOS?

    If so please make suggestion… ASUS has been no help… This is second board…

  4. Kostakiss UNITED KINGDOM Says:

    Hi Douglas!

    Thank you for your message.

    By saying low spec RAM, I mean the cheap low profile modules which run at 667 MHz.

    Anyway, focusing in your case, your RAM modules operate at 1.8 V, no matter the frequency.

    First of all, is your CPU fan working? If yes, and you tried all the above with no results, you may need to take out your ASUS mobo, place it gently on a safe surface (i.e. a big book) and try again there. This isolates your mobo from the ground of the CHASIS. Pay extra attention to electrostatic discharges and make sure you use the wristle thingy for connecting your body to a proper ground.

    Before you proceed to this advice, it would be great to tell me a few more details about what you tried, in order to have a better overview and help other people as well.

  5. Douglas Cook UNITED STATES Says:

    Okay I got the memory as stated and did as instructions…

    I even let it set all night rather than 3 hours…

    I hooked it up and still nothing on screen of monitor…

    I have tried new video card also…

    The board has been taken out of case and same results…

    I was careful to be discharged.. I have the wrist ground from years ago…

    I get the reading CPU INIT as before…

    CPU fan works… lights light up… No beeps…

    Now!!! This is my second motherboard. First one would boot with same cards and drives but only by pressing the power button on the board. I replaced case button as ASUS wanted me to and finally RMA board back and they sent another board… I was not well please because the board they sent me even had a button missing on the CMOS reset…

    I am not well pleased with the Striker Extreme… Maybe too many bells and whistles…

    I will wait a day or two to hear anymore suggestions then try to get them to take it back and replace again…

    I have had this mess since the end of May…


    I just completed the process of taking board out of computer and trying it with same results…

  6. patrick oshea UNITED STATES Says:

    same error code aswell howevere i can’t even see the monator its as if it doesnt work .(not 1 but 2 working monators?)8800gtx may be bad?and the mother board need fix.

  7. mike UNITED STATES Says:

    im on my second board. just RMAed it with Asus. Still “CPU INIT”. I’ve tested all the parts in other systems to make sure i have them ok, and they are OK! i think this is something wrong with the whole serie of Asus Strikers.

  8. amtech UNITED STATES Says:

    I know whre the problem is. It’s not about the clr cmos. It’s about the psu. Even yur psu is still working great, but it still not make the lcd clear cpu init. Ok. you need to check the back of the psu where there is a slide red swith which show 115 or 220. Make sure you set it at 115. if you set it up to 220 something. It will over voltage the board so the board will only light up and the fan spining, but the cpu will not run. You guy see that. It happen to me also. I had all three days straight to figure out the solution. I clear cmos. took out the every part and wrap every single piece. However, i had no luck. Finally, set the psu voltage at 115, it works so damn good.

  9. 4 RMA's later UNITED STATES Says:

    After RMAing 4 Asus Striker Extreme’s. I’m here to tell you that everyone’s technical advice is pure boloney. No one should have to spend the time and effort that it takes to even come close to making this board work. You may get past the CPU INTI issue only to have it return on you when you think you can actualy use your system you spend thousands on.
    Take my advice and give it to others.. MOVE ON.. There are better boards out there.. I ended up going with a nice EVGA 680i MB. Sweet, and haven’t had one issues.. all the same hardware that would work in the other 4 Striker Extreme MB’s.

    little advice

  10. George CANADA Says:

    I must agree with 4 RMA’s suggestion. I have the same issue as all of you do. I decided to pay a local and very well respected computer store here in Montréal to do a diagnostic on my system. As I was explaining the problem to the technician, another tech popped out from the workshop area and explained how he was having the same problem with another system he was building for a client and has been banging his head for days trying to get the computer to boot. Listen all, if the expert system builders are being stumped, then the problem is real. In my eyes, these MoBo’s should not be on the market. It should not be this hard to build a system. Period.

  11. Dominic CANADA Says:

    In a Striker Extreme here what happen to me:

    – Lights up, no fan spinning at all.

    In a P5B Deluxe here what happen to me:

    – Lights up, fan running for 3 seconds then shutdown.

    In a P5B (with bios updates) my CPU and memory work.

    Now tell me … wtf is going on. I was thinking about a motherboard problems, then a PSU problems, tried several clear cmos, im out of luck.

    I have done this 3 tests out of a chassis just to be sure im not shorted … and… my PSU doesnt have a 115/220 switch. Its a Enermax Galaxy 850 watts. How could i can change that set up? Any idea is appreciated.

  12. LHDLE FRANCE Says:

    Hi guys,

    I’m a little french user and I wish to share my experiences on this MB. My solution is to isolate the MB from the tower fixations with non conductive washers. It really works. After a discussion with an engineer, I think there is a problem with the MB’s back surface and a possible false contact with the fixation system. Perhaps there is a capacity (electronic self effect) between a circuit and the Stacker 2 cooling system.

    The two PCs I fixed works fine now. The symptoms were not the same but the solution is !

    I hope it will help someone…

  13. George CANADA Says:

    LHDLE is on to something. See my earlier post about the tech’s problems with this board. They were telling me that when the board is out of the case, it seems to work but when it goes back into the case: CPU init all over again. LHDLE, this helps. I’m calling the store now to tell them this. They are still working to fix my build. I’ll let you all know what happens.

  14. Andrew UNITED KINGDOM Says:

    When I turn my system on, the CPU fan turns on, but only for about a second before cutting out…does this mean the mobo is faulty? I have tryed the original suggestion to get the past the error message ‘CPU INIT’ with no luck.
    My system specs are:
    1200W PSU
    Striker Extreme MB
    OCZ 9200 RAM
    GeForce 8800 GPU
    Quad CPU QX6850

    Can anyone help…?!

  15. Al K. Hall UNITED STATES Says:

    I put nylon washers on all nine screws between the board and the standoffs, still have CPU INIT.

  16. Rick UNITED STATES Says:

    I found this post when dealing with a problem from my romm mates machine. He has the Asus Striker Extreme Mobo, in an Apevia X-Plorer case, which ran until tuesday evening. He did however have problems with the sata hdd. in order to get the machine to regnize the drive, from time to time, he would have to open the case and pick another sata port to plug that drive into. On tuesday evening, it would not go past POST, I found this article, followed the instructions on resetting the CMOS by swapping the jumper, hitting the CMOS Clear button, and removing the battery. After that, still no luck. Pulled the motherboard, did the cardboard build, fired it right up, no problems. Put cardboard washers on all the standoffs on the mobo tray. Put everything back in the case, no worky ! Pulled the mobo again, did another cardboard build, adding more comonents than the first time, hoping to find something faulty. Fired it right up, no problems, everything worked fine. Once again, I put everything back in the case, no worky ! Pulled the mobo again, this time, I removed the mobo tray from the case, mounted the mobo to the tray, did everything just like the second cardboard build, all’s well ! Put everything back in the case, no worky ! Looked over every square millimeter of the case and mobo assembly with an extremely overpowered flashlight, nothing is touching the motherboard causing any kind of shorts. My room mate and I cannot figure this one out. Anyone else have a similar problem where the mobo and accompanying guts works fine outside of the case laid on a piece of carboard, but not inside the case with all it’s guts in place ? I have worked on loads of computers for friends in the past 24 years, this is the only one that has me totally baffled. Any help is greatly appreciated.

  17. Kostakiss UNITED KINGDOM Says:

    Hi guys,

    Thank you all for expressing your opinions and your experiences here.

    My apologies for coming back to you after a month or so, but I had a break back home, putting everything aside.

    Back to the point…


    This is a common symptom when you forget to connect the 2×4 (8-pin EPS) or 1×4 ATX12V connector which powers up the processor.

    4 RMA’s later,

    “No one should have to spend the time and effort that it takes to even come close to making this board work.”

    I would not disagree with you ( how would I dare :-) ) but I would like to clarify that this thread intents to save time from some people by RMAing the board back and stuck on the phones for hours, as it happened to me. BTW, it took me 3 weeks to get my mobo back from my retailer, several hours on the phone and of course reaching my adrenaline and blood pressure limits.

    “I’m here to tell you that everyone’s technical advice is pure boloney.”

    By making this post, my intention was to share what I experienced with all of you guys, as a simple modification of the BIOS settings MAY save you from hassle. In any case, this does not mean that the solution provided is the solution to any “CPU INIT” problem of any ASUS Striker Extreme Mobo. I am definetely not a Mobo Guru :-). Even if this post helps 5 out of 100 people visiting this website, I feel satisfied that my target has been achieved.


    “In my eyes, these MoBo’s should not be on the market. It should not be this hard to build a system.”

    I definitely agree with you, but unfortunately I realised this fact after purchasing this mobo. Anyway, we are taught by our mistakes 😉 .

  18. Rick UNITED STATES Says:

    Just thought I’d Update you all on the situation on the Striker Extreme in my post above(the one that would not work if the tray mounted mobo was placed in the case). After quite a few total rebuilds and looking over the whole PC and not finding anything touching anything else in the wrong place, we solved the problem, the easy way, yet a little more more expensive than how most of you may have solved it, but still cheaper than buying a new Mobo. My Room Mate got tired of not having his computer running so he asked me how he could fix it cheap. I toldd him the only way I could think of to get rid of the short is to go totally non conductive and had him order an acrylic case. He also got 2 UV cathodes to show off the UV reactive power cables that came with his Ultra power supply. The acrylic was also UV reactive too. The case looks nice and has had no problems at all since the acrylic rebuild, other than the corrupt install of Vista 64-bit. Regardless of the price, it was still alot cheaper than having to buy another mobo.

    Case was only $61.95 +s/h from

  19. n3t5pLi7 UNITED STATES Says:

    I power on the board, Hook everything up as usual, get windows installed Notice that my Ethernet ports and a few other onboard ports arent recognizing by winxp. So i go to Asus and get Asus Update, put the latest bios on it. Bios Crash, im stuck on the Gamer Splash screen at the start of the bios, i Could hit TAB and go to the post message, it just reads the processor speed and amount of ram, cant get any farther. I hit Delete to go to the bios, just says loading bios and then stays there forever. Call Asus they determine it was a bios chip. they send me the chip, i install it and now cant even get to that bios screen *sigh* Fans work, lights come on, lcd says “cpu init” monitor doesnt come on.

    comments appreciated

    Intel Quad q6600 2.4ghz, Asus Striker Extreme, nvidia bfg 8800 640, antec truepower 1000w, corsair xms 6400 2 gb, Vigor Gaming Cooler clt-m2li, Raptor 150gb 10000rpm, plextor px-810sa

  20. Kostakiss UNITED KINGDOM Says:

    Thanks for the post! Interesting… Glad to hear that you solved the problem.

  21. Kostakiss UNITED KINGDOM Says:


    From my short research, I imagine you have XMS2 and not XMS memory, as there is no XMS PC-6400 module.

    Focusing now on XMS2, I found specs of 2 out of 3 types in total working on 1.9V and 2.1V. I am not sure what are the exact modules you own.

    Follow carefully the instructions above (after reading the Legal Disclaimer) and tell us if this solves your problem or not. Be careful and not rush to finish. You may also need to take out the mobo from the case as advised in comment#4 on this post.

    However, I would suggest you to try to clear your CMOS with your current modules before purchasing a cheap one. Remove all your cards as explained and just put ONLY ONE module in your furthest from the CPU memory slot.

    This worked for me when I first purchased the mobo. I cleared the CMOS in this way and made the mobo working. Notice that if you make it working, make sure you change the memory voltage in your BIOS from auto to the voltage your memory requires.

    I hope this helps. We are looking forward for your reply…

  22. n3t5pLi7 UNITED STATES Says:

    Thanks for all the comments, inspired me to submit a follow up on the problems. I tried the ram to no avail, Though i did find the problem with the Infamous Cpu Init error.

    i tried this like 10 times with my system success every time just follow these steps to the T

    1.) Right now you have all your hardware in and are getting the cpu init error.

    2.) Turn off the computer, put the jumper from the 1,2 position tot he 2,3 position. Take out the Cmos battery and push the Reset Cmos button In.

    3.) Turn on the computer, you should still get the error, Turn the computer off again, Unplug or take out Harddrives, Ram, floppy drives and your Graphics card.

    4.) Turn on the computer, you should still be getting the Cpu Init Error but it should have 1 Slow beep and 2 Fast beeps, Inidicating that you need to insert Ram.

    5.) Turn off the computer, Insert/plug in Harddrivres, Ram, Floppy Drives and your Graphics card.

    6.) While the computer is off Put your jumper from the 2,3 position to the 1,2 position, insert your cmos battery and push the reset cmos button again.

    7.) Make sure all usb devices are taken out, Turn the computer On. You shouldnt be getting the CPU INIT error, at least i didnt when i tested.

    Hope this helps guys, it sure did solve my problems on the Infamous CPU INIT error.

  23. n3t5pLi7 UNITED STATES Says:

    During my testing i forgot to note, you have to repeat those steps Every time you do one of the following.

    Add / Remove any hardware from your case
    Update your Bios
    Add / Remove any Devices

  24. n3t5pLi7 UNITED STATES Says:

    Discoveries during my testing.

    USB Init Error – Caused if you have usb devices plugged in when starting windows. simply unplug, restart computer after it gets past the bios / posting screens insert the usb plugs back in.

    Do you need a 4 or 8 pin connector for the power source?
    Asus told me you need an 8 pin connector for the Quad Core only, But i found this to be false. I am currently using a 4 pin connector and it works perfectly.

    Does Sata Harddrives Boot fine with this motherboard?
    For me yes they did, i didnt even have to update my bios to get them to boot. Im using a raptor 150g 10000 sata.

    It seems that this mobo is very funny about accepting new hardware adding a new usb device or something should be done after all post screens.

    my keyboard is usb what do i do?
    i actually had to buy a usb to ps2 connector so i didnt get the no keyboard error when i started my computer up.

    hope this helps comments / additions welcome

  25. Larry AUSTRALIA Says:

    Mine has different story …

    I’ve been RMAíng the same ram (KINGSTON ddr2 800 hyperx timing 4-4-4-12) three times.

    The sympton was the same all three…New rams, installed, worked for about a week or two, then started having problem (hangs, rebooting, blue screen)… and then one memory died (mobo wouldn’t recognised it)

    But everytime I brought back my RAM to the store, they tested them both right in front of me, and it works like a charm… Don’t you feel betrayed ?

    This mobo has alot of trouble all thru…

  26. Kostakiss UNITED KINGDOM Says:

    Hi Larry,

    Since the memory modules don’t seem defective, my mind goes to compatibility issues.

    First of all, what is your BIOS version? It would be a good idea to update your BIOS to the latest version. If you notice on the Asus BIOS update site, each version released, has improvements regarding memory compatibility issues.

    I checked at Kingston’s web site and noticed that the KHX series, that I presume you own, seem to be compatible with the Striker Extreme mobo (I guess that you have KHX6400D2LL/512 or /1G or /2G modules). Therefore, maybe the version of the BIOS does not work well with those modules.

    I hope that updating you BIOS is the solution of your problem, otherwise you may have to RMA back your mobo and not your memory modules.

    In any case, we would appreciate if you could share with us and let us know about what you will do and what will happen.

  27. Carlos CANADA Says:

    Hi there,

    I also have a extreme striker mobo with the same problem (CPU INIT on startup and no access to the BIOS or any screen display). I did plug the 2×4 plug from my power supply but no luck. Now I was wondering what is the difference with the 2×4 and 1×4 plugs. I think I have both on my PSU.

    This is what I have:

    Extreme Striker (don’t know the BIOS firmware number)
    2.66 Core2 Duo Intel CPU E6750
    Antec Nine Hundred case
    Antec TruePower Trio 650 PSU
    XFX GForce 8800 GTS 320MB DDR3
    Western Digital Raptor X HDD

    Thanks (for any help)

  28. pirate parrot UNITED STATES Says:

    I have been having some of the same issues as everyone else. I’m running a q6600 SLACR with 2GB corsair 1066 c5d memory I’ve tried all the slots. At first it would only run I would get one long beep then three short beeps it runs through the post on the LCD poster on the back then went to a clock with nothing on screen. Then I reset cmos and now it goes through post but goes to CMOS ERR anyone have any ideas? I have not had the CPU INIT that most people have. Its driving me crazy!!!

  29. flavaone UNITED STATES Says:

    @ pirate parrot

    You are probably getting the CMOS ERR because you have not installed an OS yet.

    @ Carlos

    After trying all these suggestions that I found on the internet with the CPU INIT error, I wasn’t able to fix my problem. So I contacted Asus myself, and they told me to take the motherboard out of the chassis and lay it on a cardboard box and connect everything to see if it runs. My system was able to run after powering it on with no more CPU INIT error. The reason why you should try this is because you motherboard might not be getting a good ground from your chassis. If I were you I would either purchase plastic washers and place them inbetween the motherboard standoffs and the back of the motherboard or purchase plastic motherboard standoffs.

    @ Kostakiss

    OK, so I was able to get past the CPU INIT error by doing what I said above. Right after I was able to boot my system up properly, I immediately updated my BIOS to 1305. After updating, my system restarted. Only this time it would freeze up at the “Republic of Gamers” splash screen. The LCD poster on the motherboard would now display a TEST MEM error. I’ve tried moving the one memory module that I have connected to different slots, but still the same thing. Would you happen to know how I can fix this new issue?

  30. Kostakiss UNITED KINGDOM Says:

    Hi guys,

    I have not experienced such problems and have not gone through it personally, so instead of giving unsuccessful advice, I started searching the web and especially ASUS Forum. I am pretty sure you have already done that, but just in case you missed something.

    pirate parrot,

    “Then I reset cmos and now it goes through post but goes to CMOS ERR”

    How far can it go? Can you hear any beep?


    I hope that this link will help you solve the TEST MEM issue:

    How many and what kind of beeps can you hear before the LOGO appears?

    Just I am curious to ask. Can you enter the BIOS? The ENTER BIOS feature comes just after the LOGO at the bottom. Does it allow you to enter BIOS?

    What kind of RAM modules do you own? I am afraid that either your modules are not 100% compatible or there is an issue with their settings.

  31. kevin CANADA Says:

    having the same problem with the mb mb is in the shop i pay $500.00 canadain for it. the mb is very nice had it for about 5 months but having problems with it now. to me its not worth the money had better luck with cheaper boards.going to try cheaper memory , i hope it works went i get it back.. i will post something went i get it back ,,, i hope i get it fix before “CRYSIS comes out… “wasteland69er”

  32. jameshb1 UNITED STATES Says:

    got the same error cpu init. asus send me a new bios chip, to replaces the old 1. still didnt work. so i will have to RMA it back to them. they said it candle handled the 800 mhz memory speed. will find out more soon

    thank you

  33. ragexiii BRUNEI DARUSSALAM Says:

    I too had a similar problem a few days ago. My Windows XP would just hang during the “Windows is starting up” screen. I tried booting without any of my USB devices plugged in and it finally loaded.

    Trying doing this if you still have that USB INIT problem.

  34. Skubi UNITED STATES Says:

    Having the same CPU INIT problem with my ASUS Crosshair so I sent an e-mail requesting an updated BIOS chip because I don’t think it recognizes my X2 6000+ (came with BIOS 0121). That and friday I’ll probably be ordering some GEIL Esoteria 1.9v DDR2-800 2 X 1GB instead of my Mushkin 2 X 2GB 2.2v DDR2-800 kit. If it doesn’t work I’m buying an EVGA NF590 board to go with my 8800 Ultra Superclocked card. I tried the 3 hour cmos clear trick and everything else and just getting frustrated. My new rig here

  35. SgtDoogie UNITED STATES Says:

    Wow guys….I’m so glad I stumbled upon this page. I purchased a Striker Extreme last week. Put the computer together…all good stuff…nothing hokie.

    PC wouldn’t boot up. Froze at CPU INIT. I called ASUS, and they said my E6850 CPU was the problem, and I needed to send the MB in to get an updated bios (Since it wouldn’t boot). I decided…I can get a cheap CPU and build an inexpensive PC for a friend as a gift. So I found this site, looking for supported CPU’s.

    I took the MB out of the case, and sure enough….it fires right up. No CPU INIT hang. So I went to the store, and bought a bunch of plastic washers, a dab of adhesive to keep it on the post. Put the MB back in…and it continued booting up. So I’m now going to plug it into a monitor to continue the setup. So, so far, so good on the plastic washer fix.

  36. Skubi UNITED STATES Says:

    I ordered el cheapo semprOn 3200 that I know is supported by my boards BIOS and it’s being sent UPS overnight. Then I can get my BIOS flashed and reinstall my X2 6000+ and everything will be happy, right? To be continued…

  37. Skubi UNITED STATES Says:

    Bah, that didn’t work either. Just glued plastic washers on my standoffs to see if that was the culprit.

  38. flavaone CANADA Says:

    @ Kostakiss

    Sorry for the late reply, I had fixed the problem and now I’m getting it again.

    All I hear is one beep when my system POSTs. Then it just freezes up at the splash scrren logo. When I hit Delete to try and enter the BIOS it would just say “entering setup…” and it just freezes there. I’m using Corsair Dominator XMS2 DDR2 PC2-8500 C5 memory sticks. I know that they’re compatible with my board because everything was working fine till today.

    Thanks for the link, I’ll try it out and let you know if it works.

  39. flavaone CANADA Says:

    @ Kostakiss

    I just solved this issue with the TEST MEM error on my Striker Extreme mobo. All I had to do was purchase a Non-EPP DDR2 PC2-5300 667MHz stick of RAM for $20.00 and after installing it my system was able to boot up. After booting it up I entered the BIOS and set the memory voltage to 2.20. Then I replaced that stick of RAM with my original Corsair Dominator XMS2 DDR2 PC2-8500 1066MHz sticks and eveything is fine now. Thanks for that link to the Asus support forums, it really helped me out and also with this little thread you have. For those of you who have this error, I suggest down flashing your BIOS to 1301 if you have 1305. The 1301 BIOS prevents the TEST MEM error from happening.

  40. Jez_Gafys UNITED KINGDOM Says:

    Hey everyone I to am getting the same error I am onto my second board. When I got this second board within an hour I was getting the all to familiar error.

    I have found something weird though, Don’t bother resetting the bios, don’t take out any memory just leave it alone. Make sure there is power to the mobo and then turn it on and then leave it alone, go make a coffee come back in a couple of hours and I am pretty sure you will come back to a machine all booted up as if nothing was ever wrong. This as happened to me a couple of times now I have just left it alone and it just fires it self up. It’s a shame ASUS wont give and official statement and admit and the fault and perform a recall on the motherboard. I bought the mobo from my mates company so I have a quick and easy same day return no questions asked, but he tells me that they probably return around 20-30 striker extremes a month.

    Even at the moment my pc is upstairs, im sat down here on my laptop hoping to prove my theory correct. I will post later today if it has/hasn’t started up on its own.

  41. Kostakiss UNITED KINGDOM Says:

    Hi Jez_Gafys!

    This one is pretty cool if it actually happens. Please keep us updated…

  42. Jez_Gafys UNITED KINGDOM Says:

    I can confirm that I left the machine approx 2 hours (more likely less) and sure enough I came upstairs to hear the sound of fans and sure enough my pc was sat at the windows logon screen. This really is a weird one!!!

    I think it will work for others aswell because this is my second striker extreme mobo and it did the same on my last one. Just leave it alone and it switches itself on.

  43. Leniows BRAZIL Says:

    I’m brazilian so sorry for my poor english…
    Same INIT CPU problem here… it’s making me crazy… Just bought a great proc (qx6700), “great mobo, 2gbs corsair dominator 8500, psu ocz’s gamexstream 850w… put them together and then… i’m in tears… Now a friend of mine will come here to borrow me an 1.8v ram to do the test… i’ll post again soon to tell all of you the results…

  44. Leniows BRAZIL Says:

    problem solved… my ram was the problem (corsair dominator 8500C5D 5-5-5-18). trying to update bios…

  45. Leniows BRAZIL Says:

    updated to 1305, tested with 2.1, 2.2 and 2.3v but nothing. any ideas?

  46. Kostakiss UNITED KINGDOM Says:

    Thank you very much for reporting this. It sounds weird, but interesting.

    Can you please be more specific? You made your motherboard alive and then you updated your BIOS to 1305. Did it start at all before you increase the voltage level? Did you try the 1.8V memory on the new BIOS version?

  47. Jez_Gafys UNITED KINGDOM Says:

    It sounds like thats what it 100% boils down to is incompatabilty with ram the board just struggles with certain ram modules/configurations

  48. Vegga BRAZIL Says:

    Leniows, i’m brazilian too, add me on msn so we can discuss the problem I’m owner of a asus striker extreme and a q6600. my msn is
    Searching for a solution over this board.
    Mine died in a flash upgrade for no reason. It started yesterday for 5 seconds but nothing more.
    It’s now in a business place so they can take a look at it.

  49. Leniows BRAZIL Says:

    i’ve put another ram to make my board function (kingston). i did that to update my bios to 1305 hoping it reconizes my corsair dominator. but no! so i’ve tested the corsair in another pc and it worked just fine. it’s just incompatibility problem… =[

  50. jameshb1 UNITED STATES Says:

    recieved the striker back the second time. with a note from asus tech saying everything is fine on the board.put it together last night and still the same problem. i tried all the tips on this site and more. and still the same problem cpu init. i tried two different cpu qx6850 and intel pentium D 925 3.0 ghz and still the same problem. the power supply is 1000w. can this be the memory? (CORSAIR XMS2 2GB (2 x 1GB) 240-Pin DDR2 SDRAM DDR2 800 (PC2 6400) Dual Channel Kit Desktop Memory – Retail) i ordered a low voltage 1.8v memory by kingston shoud be here soon. i need on help this matter, any more ideas?

    thank you

  51. FallOut BRAZIL Says:

    I got a new problem here, i have Striker Extreme with a q6600 and a 600w thermaltake psu, i had the CPU INIT problem (solved it by fixing the memory voltage to 1.8 then updated the bios) i installed vista and all was fine until…
    i bought a 1000w psu (thermaltake toughpower) cause i want to install 2 gforces 8800 and mine old 600w was not holding both, now my pc dont stay on, the cpu/psu fan turns 1 sec and turns off and the mobo shows CPU INIT blinking 5 times,i removed everything leaving only 1 gforce and put my old psu, all works fine, if i just swap the psu i get CPU INIT again. Well i went back to the store i bought the 1000w psu and there they tested it, it worked fine, i went back home and guess what… CPU INT blinking 5 times again… :(
    i already tested with the 4 pin, the 4+4 pin and the 8 pin ATX 12v cables and none worked… :(

    im out of ideas, any help you guys can give is appreciated…

  52. Pipz UNITED STATES Says:

    If you have the issue i had – in which the board will not boot (blue lights, no CPU fan spin) – find the button found on the back of the board (next to the usb slots) and hit the button with a picture of a lightbulb, this will allow you to boot.

    This is indeed documented in the manual(noticed after several flicks through)but this problem had me perplexed for hours, and i thought i’d share this information here, save people some time effort and money RMAing.

  53. Kostakiss UNITED KINGDOM Says:

    Hi guys,

    I would like to thank all of you who visit this site and you either write down your experience with ASUS Striker Extreme mobo or provide valuable help by making suggestions.


    Try to isolate your mobo from the chassis by placing some washers (See Comment #12 on this post). Make sure you put washers on both sides of your mobo.

    If this does not work let us know.

  54. Leniows BRAZIL Says:

    call me stupid… i founded what was wrong… one bad module of ram =[ … what i don’t understand is why i’ve always used the same module to test bios and everything else… well, i’ve found out my problem, hope all of you do it to. thanks all! =]

  55. Jez_Gafys UNITED KINGDOM Says:

    I have found a possible other way to boot up the machine if you are get CPU init error. You have the switch on the back of the pc that turns the motherboards blue guidance lights on. Well I have found quickly press this many times while press you power button many times do this half a dozen times and you should just boot up.

  56. Calitiri SPAIN Says:

    Hello peeps,

    Just got my hands on a SE mobo, Im on the CPU INIT problem, but mine is a bit different.

    First my system:

    E6850 CPU
    Thermltake Toughpower 750W
    2x8800GTS 640
    4X1G OCZ 800 RAM
    ASUS Striker Extreme.

    What happens to me:

    I get the mobo running, fans all spinning, hear first beep. System starts (get to see the POST), then hangs up on Vista loading screen, with a quick Blue Screen of Death reboot. Then enters CPU INIT loop, with a freezing on the RoG splash screen.

    What I did:

    Changed to E6400 CPU, same effect.
    Tested E6850 on diferrent MOBO, worked fine.
    Striped all power and components from MOBO, clear CMOS, battery, jumper. No effect.
    Flashed BIOS to latest from BIOS EZ FLASH utility (had the Bin file on removable media). No effect.
    Played around with voltages. No effect.

    My guess:

    This “hardcore gamer” mobo cannot cope with certain RAM modules (hence the quick boot from BSoD). Im quite sure its a compatibility issue with my OCZ 1 GIG modules, but the flashed BIOS should have fixed this.

    Now I get three random effects:

    1. Quick boot from BSoD when Vista starts up
    2. CPU INIT freezed on Republic of Gamers Splash
    3. POST stops with CMOS CHECKSUM ERROR, press F1 or F2 (F1 takes me to issue num.1)

    Any comments or should I just throw this mobo at santa this christmas?


  57. Kostakiss UNITED KINGDOM Says:

    Hi Calitiri,

    What excactly are the OCZ modules you own? I own the OCZ DDR2 PC2-9200 FlexXLC Edition and they work fine on ASUS SE.

    You have not mentioned whether you tried another memory module on the system. Try to remove all the OCZ modules and put just one crap module only from a friend’s machine.

    Please let us know about the results …

  58. bombastic AUSTRALIA Says:

    I seem to be one of the few who haven’t been able to fix this problem through fiddling.

    I’ve tried different RAM’s, from value to high end, different power supplies, different video cards, different CPU’s… don’t even get POST, just nothing.

    Going to try and send it back for a replacement.

  59. Kostakiss UNITED KINGDOM Says:

    Hi bombastic,

    Does your CPU fan spin? What modules have you tried?

    If yes, try to isolate your mobo from the chassis by placing some washers (See Comment #12 on this post). Make sure you put washers on both sides of your mobo.

    Repeat the previous things you have done.

  60. Phil UNITED KINGDOM Says:

    Hi, I just bought the Striker Extreme motherboard today, built my system to receive the “lovely” CPU INIT error. I’ve read everything on this page, and I’ve seen the above guide work for some, but not for others. People have found lots of ways around this error, but what is the best way? thanks.

  61. Kostakiss UNITED KINGDOM Says:

    Hi Phil,

    I think the first thing you should do is to isolate your mobo. I experienced some funny effects that\\\’s why I keep saying so.

    The trick explained in this post has worked fine for me twice. However, there are other circumstances (i.e faulty mobo) that it does not work and unfortunately you have to RMA it.
    There are also many memory combatibility issues.

    I believe that the best solution may not be only one, as it depends on your entire system (mostly memory) and the symptoms that the mobo has.

    What are the symptoms of your mobo? Does the CPU fan spin? What memory do you own?

  62. Phil UNITED KINGDOM Says:

    All the fans in the case run fine, including the CPU fan. The symptoms I get is the CPU INIT message on the LCD post screen, no signal to my monitor. Basically the same problem everyone has, it’s annoying me now.


  63. Tenkaihen13 UNITED STATES Says:

    Sorrry , my english sucks
    people it’s just incompatible problem of the RAM. the MOBO is the best around. I had all the problems that you people have, i was very fustrated and mad. I even found these place and I see everybody complaining, i was looking for a solution like u.I tried everything. I got my MOBO from COMPUSA on BLACK FRIDAY 11-23-2007 and today 11-26-2007, I got my computer working. I was using a RAM DDR2 533 and it didn’t work I tried everything and nothing then i decided to check the BOX that came with the MOBO and I found something , it’s RED sticker , And I went to GOOGLE and look for ASUS STRIKER QUILIFIED RAM something like that and I found a List of RAMs

    Click on the second link (Qualified Vendor List (QVL) :

    Ok I hope yo get there:
    you got to have ADOBE READER to see the list
    I got the CORSAIR DDR2 800
    I got 2 gb for 60 dollars
    I just put it in my MOBO and it work
    no problem at all
    Don’t ask me why I don’t know
    i just want to help u guys.
    I think after you install windows u can upgrade BIOS and then u can put any RAM , i’ll do that and I let you know. ok any questions

  64. Tenkaihen13 UNITED STATES Says:

    O yes, I didn’t use any of those methods that everybody is saying like Asolating MOBO, or CLEAR CMOS,or plastic washers, nothing of that and please don’t RMA is a waste of time if your FANS work you MOBO is fine. when you tried what I tell you you are going to thanks me,and problably buy a beer jaja i’m sure of that.

  65. Phil UNITED KINGDOM Says:

    I’m running Corsair DDR2 800…

  66. Josh UNITED STATES Says:


    I’m on my 3rd RMA’ed board and the PC just won’t boot. The CPU fan spins for a second and then turn off. I have checked and rechecked both the 24-pin and 8-pin 12V Atx connectors….I have tried running it outside the case on a cardboard box with just the CPU plugged in but the message CPU INIT seems is still there. No posts at all.
    Not just the board, but to eliminate doubt, I’ve RMAed the CPU and Memory too….I’m running out of options here….
    Can someone suggest what I should do other than throwing this piece of junk away and buying a new Non-ASUS board.

  67. Josh UNITED STATES Says:

    To add to my post, here are my configurations:

    Asus Striker Extreme mobo
    Intel Q6700 CPU
    GeForce 8800 ultra
    Corsair Dominator Xms2 2x2Gb
    Thermaltake Toughpower 1000W PSU

  68. Phil UNITED KINGDOM Says:

    You should have just gone from the first RMA to a different board, due to the amount of people I’ve seen had problems with this, it’s not worth my time to just go through the same stuff again and again, so I’m getting a different motherboard.

  69. Thorsten SWITZERLAND Says:

    Hey Guys,

    I got the same problem. Its unbelievable… I tried everything you told to do; nothing works. Peace of crap!! Since years I bought ASUS components (graka and mobo), never got a problem, and now this. RMA is not an option, I need the PC over the weekend, so Im going to try the whole time.

    Any more ideas how it could work?? Going to test with other RAM in a few hours…

    Thanks at all


  70. Rob UNITED STATES Says:

    I have same issue. But I can boot by using inside switch.

    I have reaper 1066 modules. Found on a site all the memory settings for this board & memory.

    Everything works fine except I can only start my PC by the switch on the board..cause of the CPU INT error.

  71. Mark UNITED STATES Says:

    I purchased a new Striker Extreme from Newegg
    Using Corsair XMS2 Twin2X set (2GB) and EVGA 8800GT
    Had the CPUINIT Error with one continuous beep. After pulling battery and working through the bios reset and pulling the board from the case, I discovered the error was related to the video card being in the PCIE_1 port. Either of the other two x16 PCIE slots work fine.

    Now it hangs the right after the mem check in the BIOS screen. (BIOS 1305) with MemINIT error on the diag LCD. I have tried moving the RAM around, but to no avail. It seems like it could be related to the EPP issue. This is by far the most difficult setup in all my years of PC building, and I thinking MaximumPC screwed me by recommending this board. Also, I am shocked by how horrible ASUS tech support seems to be online (let alone what I have heard about phone). Man, I am angry.

  72. Josh UNITED STATES Says:

    If I had to replace the striker extreme motherboard with something else, what is that you guys recommend? Something that can tolerate SLI connection for 8800 ultra, Quad Core CPU and 4GB corsair dominator RAM.

  73. Chen UNITED STATES Says:

    Hi All….I spent 8 hours on my first SE mobo from Newegg. Unfortunately it is in transit back to Newegg. I went out and bought the Gigabyte X38 DQ6 mobo and everything works great. However, I’m thinking about trying the SE board again. Here is a list problems I encounter:

    1) Couldn’t recognize the SATA HD & DVD ROM.
    2) I could only install the OS via CDROM IDE drive.
    3) After installing the OS, it couldn’t boot from the HD.
    4) It could only boot if I had the OS disk in the CDROM IDE drive.

    So after 4 hours at a Christmas party and came back and power it up again. It booted up just fine from the HD (suspicious). I upgraded to VISTA from XP and after another 4 hours of playing with it, it crash showing a blue screen. I powered up again and it couldn’t find the HD. Time to RMA.

    So, I’m going to give it another try. My problems were with the SATA drivers I believe. I have heard some people saying you have to install the SATA drivers before loading the OS…which is really a bunch of crap for a $300 board. Anyway…I got the urge to try again. If anyone else had this same problem as I did and you solved the problem, please if you don’t mind, share it on this board!

  74. Noah UNITED STATES Says:

    A different power supply booted my system right up!
    As for the Enermax, It works fine on just about any other mainboard. WTF?

  75. Josh UNITED STATES Says:

    God bless you Noah…..After reading ur post, I tried a different power supply than my old Thermaltake Toughpower 1000W and the PC booted right up. And, my old PSU works fine with other PCs. Can’t believe this mobo has compatibility issues with even the PSU????

  76. mac UNITED KINGDOM Says:

    When i got this board all was well,Then a few weeks down the road s*it hit the fan.
    I whet onto google i could not believe what i saw ,Fields of asus striker users with the same problems.

    I just hope all my other hardware is ok

  77. Tjole7 GREECE Says:

    Well i had also the same problem of not getting my post screen working evry time i tried to upgrade my memorys.
    This time is with the kingston hyperx 8500D2/1G memory modules.
    When i tried to put them work on 1:1 with the fsb i get nothing.It starts on windows four a couple of minutes and then the blue screen of death comes up.
    Only when they work on 800mhz thinks are getting back to normal.
    Anybody any idea how to make my modules work on 1066mhz????

  78. Steve Bowen UNITED KINGDOM Says:

    Hi Guys. I have had the srtiker extreme for about 1 year now and everything has been working fine.

    I have a X6800 CPU cooled with an Artic Cooler Pro, 2Gb Cosair 8500 XMS2 Dominator memory with an XFX 8800GTX graphics card. I run 2xRaptorX in Raid 0 and 2 x Hitachi 1TB disks in Raid 1.

    This morning I updated iTunes as I have done many times this year and restarted the PC and nothing….just the damn CPUINIT message.

    Before I start to trawl through the tests people have recommended here could somebody suggest a sequence of testing to start with please just so that I don’t choose the most difficult test first !!!

    Thanks v. much

  79. Steve Bowen UNITED KINGDOM Says:

    By the way re: my above message all the LEDs come on and all my fans are spinning. Thx

  80. Kostakiss UNITED KINGDOM Says:


    The problem you face is due to the timings of the RAM modules. Try to find the proper timings for your memory online and set them through BIOS.

    What I would also suggest is to run the nVidia Control Panel (Performance/Tune System and select tune using custom settings and tick only the memory to save time) to see the limits of your RAM modules and at what timings it is stable (Read the leagal disclaimer on the top of this post).

    I would be glad to hear from you again soon to let us know what the results are.

  81. Tjole7 GREECE Says:

    thanks m8,i’ll try your advise and i will inform you as soon i can find a solution.
    And by the way merry christmas to all!

  82. tusah INDIA Says:

    after prssiing 100 times power button, system booted thanx god :) but with new problem i have to press two times to power up system :( what is this ????? using Kingston 1GB two sticks of ram 800Mhz dual channel

  83. TragicJohnson UNITED STATES Says:

    The Republic of Gammers should be lined up and made to push the light bulb button 1 million times and then shot. First honest POS I have paid too much money for since the Apple PCjr.

    620W OCZ PSU
    Evga 8800 gts 640
    4 Gb Crucial Ballistix pc2 8500
    Sata Hdd
    SAta DVD/Combo

    The Three Strike and your Out Board.

    3 boards CPUINIT only no fans just lights, I give up, local computer shops here in BFE just scoff and say too much money for a board, we don’t install or sell them. Now I’m stuck, Pay a local idiot I mean Geekster to trouble shoot or just buy a new 78oi board.
    Does any one use the Bigfoot Killer NIC?….I don’t want to get burned like the Striker Extreme. I live remote and trying to build a machine that makes up for poor DSL.

  84. TragicJohnson UNITED STATES Says:

    Forgot to list: Apevia X Cruiser Case?

    Is the problem the case?
    Isolation has made no difference!
    My power Supply?
    Works fine on other high end boards.
    The Jerks who Okayed shipment on Boards of crap?
    I think I may be on to somnething. They had alot of 680i chips that were obsolete before they were finished, wrap them in a ROG box and off them fast as you can, because the 780i works.

  85. Yoru SPAIN Says:

    Hi, I have the same problem here. I have tried Kostakiss’ method and I have the same problem, the mobo works, graphic card works, cpu fan works and sata hdd works and I haven’t monitor signal or any post

    I have two modules of ram OCZ PC2 6400 1gb, Q6600 and asus 8800 GTX

    Any ideas? :S

  86. carlos UNITED KINGDOM Says:

    for all problems remove the battery from the modb put on for 5 minutes updat bios then put bak

  87. Yoru SPAIN Says:


    Don’t work for me, I haven’t monitor signal

  88. Larry AUSTRALIA Says:

    Hi there,

    I posted a problem with my SE mobo back in September, from there on, my mobo was running smooth coz I changed the RAM to Gskill ddr2 800 4-4-4-10 timing. But, here I come, 2008, with another SE problem CPU INIT.

    This time, everything works, even CPU and System Fan are running, yet no monitor signal and no beep sound.

    Is there any suggestion for this problem?

  89. Gideon NETHERLANDS Says:

    First time posting here , i’am 200 boots further than yesterday and stil no signal on my screen.
    Everything is running, fans drives etc.
    Also CPU INIT on de LCD poster.
    Gonna burn this mobo if the solution above doesn’t work for
    me, we will know in a hour.

    Striker extreme. 1304
    2 gig ocz 800mhz c4 pro
    8800 gtx

  90. Josh UNITED STATES Says:

    I ran into the same issues with the ASUS Crosshair. It also has the same BIOS design with the LCD panel and the BIOS reset switch. My LCD is indicating CMOS ERR.

    I’ve got the newest BIOS and it’s acting like there is a short. I’m considering the Acrylic option. After a long night of getting almost all the way through the Vista64 install and then having the computer turn off on me I finally got fed up with it when I would turn it on, fans would start and then it would instantly shut off.

    Since it was on it’s side, I punched the bottom (where it normally stands up on) of the case, really hard =) It dented it pretty good and I gave up for a while.

    A couple hours later I did nothing but walk in and press the power button, it booted, and all was well. I got VISTA 64 installed and running and all was well. I believe it had to do with how the board twisted in the case once the metal was bent – something was no longer touching… until I moved it back to its original place and it did the same thing all over again.

    I can’t tell what I actually accomplished but after I unscrewed the mb screws a thread or two pulled the board away from the case pulled out the power cord and pressed the CMOS reset button it was finally able to boot.

    The computer starts but it’s still got default CMOS and the computer shuts off as soon as I press DEL to go into the BIOS.

    I’m sure it’s a short, maybe some dust making it possible for the board to arc to the case… I really don’t want to put this thing in another case, this was the first one that has a good enough cooling design to handle my 2 7950GX2s in SLi – but they’re getting old… so maybe when I upgrade my video card.

    I am asking for it now, going to try and upgrade the BIOS to beta, I’m hoping the BIOS is corrupt and this will resolve it.

  91. John CANADA Says:

    Having the same issues as you guys but i’am running striker II formula, intel Q6600, EVGA nvidia 8800gt, seagate 500GBS 72000RPM, OCZ 6400 2gbs dual chan. X2(4gbs RAM), samsung lightscribe DVD burner, with antec 900 case.

    It worked for about 3 hours did some updates had the computer shutdown and boot backup about 5 times then i went to plug in the 2nd monitor and would not post after that continues to give me the “cpu init” error all you guys are getting.

    All my fans are running, the LEDs on the board are lit tried switching the video card, rearranged the memory, cleared CMOS.

    I have yet to try booting the board outside of my case.
    Any suggestions other then that?

  92. Darren UNITED KINGDOM Says:

    Hi Guys,

    Got a similar problem with Maximus Formula. Machine ran perfectly well for 6 weeks. Now got CPU INIT on LCD post, no beeps, fans nothing….
    Have tried a number of things but getting nowhere fast. Will try the solution above and report although, may just send RMA.

    Asus Maximus Formula
    XFX 8800GT Alpha Dog
    TAGAN 800w PSU

  93. Benny BELGIUM Says:

    Hi guys,

    Last week I got my brandnew Asus Striker II Formula and a Q6600. Very excited as I was, I installed my cpu and Scythe Mugen Cooler and encountered no problems at all. All I had to do then was to screw the whole thing in my Antec 900 case and connect all the wires. Ready, set, go … pushed the psu power button and got the CPU INIT message on the LCD poster. Other than that everything seemed normal so I pushed the power button on my case and all fans start spinning, graphics card, hd rattles for a second … but couldn’t get past CPU INIT, no beeps, no image on screen, nothing. With all I have read here, I’ll try another 100 times and we’ll see where it gets. Very dissapointed though!

  94. -OgCracKer- UNITED STATES Says:

    OK Folks I have some information that will help you with your CPU INIT issue. After many hours that actually turned into days trying all the solutions that you can find on the WEB. I finally found a way to kick start the bios. I even went as far to contact ASUS Tech Support and have them ship me a new Flashed BIOS Chip. I know some of you have had bad luck with ASUS Tech Support but they were a great help and easy to deal with.

    A little insight on my issue with my SE. It has been a pain in my ass ever since I purchased it and had the dreaded CPU INIT before. I moved some cards around, unplugged devices, cleared the CMOS etc… I’m sure most of you know what I’m talking about. Well it eventually fired up and everything was OK. Why it fired up, I have no clue. Since then It has been up and running for close to a year with no issues, until I decided to update my bios to the latest and greatest. Knowing all to well that I might be shooting myself in the foot. Well I shot both my feet right off and wish I didn’t.

    DING! DING! Round TWO!

    So here I sit at work waiting for my New CMOS CHIP with the new bios update. While waiting I decided to pull the old one out. I had to check it out and glare at it with great frustration. This little chip has caused me to lose both my feet. Once I was done admiring the little bastard I decided to re seat it in it’s home. Then said what the heck let me see it will fire up and BAM!!!! The dame thing fired up and the CPU INIT had gone away. I started to break dance in the office. Yes the electric boogaloo for those who know the movie.

    I guess now I have a back up CMOS chip and a working PC again. At this point I can’t complain. So for all of you having the same problem and have tried everything that you can find under the sun. POP OUT THE CMOS CHIP AND RESEAT IT. All I can gather form this, is the fact that CLR CMOS button sucks (Yes I removed the battery for over a day). Obviously ASUS has an issue in this area. Hopefully they will fix it at some point.

    Hope this Helps and Good Luck!

  95. stdjmax CYPRUS Says:


    -OgCracKer- Says: “pop out the bios ”

    I petty sure that you can not pop out the cmos from the stiker formula 2 but i do not know how about the formula 1

    I would like to ask if you have only CPU “without” RAM all the fan are working and you do not get “beem” sound what can be the problem being sure that CPU is fine


    My story with striker 2 fail to boot due CPU_INIT after moving the case from my cousin house to mine. Before that is was worknig fine … (Ignoring the initial problems having after putting togather all the parts)

    I have try isolate, use one stick of ram with no results…

    CPU: E6850
    Ram: Crucial Ballistix 2GB (2x1GB) DDR2 PC2-8500C5 1066MHz Dual Channel Kit (BL2KIT12864AA1065)
    PSU: Thermaltake 600W
    VGA: EVGA UTRA Silent Superclock
    MOBO:Asus Striker II Formula

  96. blue.noize UNITED KINGDOM Says:

    i have just got my striker up and running for now**been running eight hrs through the night ,my problem WAS the comos chip ogcraker was spot on at least for myself,ive tryed everthing from the list ,washers ,533 anon mem ect,but the comos chip worked still had to change mem settings and i am adding to system slowly

  97. stdjmax CYPRUS Says:

    Hey guys…
    I would to make a statistic report with striker 2 formula with infamous “CPU_INIT” problem

    Please post for striker 2 formula which of your guys it work after you used a low voltage memory module?

    Please post for striker 2 formula which of your guys it work after you used isolation washers?

    Please post for striker 2 formula which of your guys it work after you used a Flash method.
    For flash please report which steps did you take? How long did you wait for electricity drain out?

    If you make out other solution, refer!!

    For of each of the above refer for symptoms for example : no display, one sound beem, fan was working !!
    and last the base characteristics of your computer!!

  98. Dixon HONG KONG Says:

    Hi Everyone,
    My English is not good, but I still want to share the experience with you guys.
    I owned this SE mobo already 14 months, it works fine in the first week, but the infamous CPU_INIT problem begins, check all the hardware, work fine, but somehow it boot up again, and if you unpluged the power , the CPU_INIT message come back again, don’t know what to do years ago, so bring back to ASUS, the technician update the BIOS for me and test everything, and I ask him what’s the problem is it? any solution with this “sudden dead” problem? but the most interesting thing is, ASUS’s technician whisper to me , he said there are many problems with this mobo, and the best solution is sold it and buy another brand mobo…
    But luckily, my board work fine for the next few months, until I add another 8800GTX two months ago, the CPU_INIT message come back again, after CLR CMOS and such things, it finally work again, but my system only work for one week, the CPU_INIT message come back with no reason, I’m wonder the problem maybe the PSU, I just got a 680W PSU at that time, so I went to buy a 1000W PSU, and a new case as well, the guy at the store setup the system for me, but it won’t boot up, the CPU_INIT light on the LCD, we try CLR CMOS, take out the battery, no use, I take it back home, I feel tired with this mobo, but I still wanna try to boot it up, becaues I need to use my computer, so I try step by step, finally I heard the beep when I take out one display card, thanks God it works again, but you put it back, CPU_INIT back too, it dosn’t make any sence, the SLI works last week, then, I exchange the position of two 8800GTX, the system up and work fine again, Just like a miracle, I enjoyed with my CRYSIS, and my system work fine for a month…. Unfortunately, I can’t boot up my system again after I unplugged the power cable, the CPU_INIT lights up again, try every step no use, from now, I just can bootup my computer while using one 8800, and the CPU_INIT lights up somtimes. WTF..! I’ve decided to buy another mobo, I’ve sick with this ASUS SE, and I will not buy any other ASUS mobo again…!!(My friend also have the same experience, he said he just throw this mobo to rubbish bin, and must not give to anyone because it cost nothing but trouble..) God Bless all of you whom bought this mobo….

  99. Carlitos Way GERMANY Says:

    I have this problem after transplanting the exact same hardware to another case. The system boots for about 5 seconds then shuts down. I’ve tried all of the above with no success. What a shame that Asus produced such a piece of #h@t and for 260 euro. RMA and gigabyte for me. Best of luck to you all and do yourself a favor and get a bottle of Tequila while you troubleshoot this you’re gonna need it.

  100. ENERMAX 1KW PSU fails to power 8800 GT - Madshrimps Forum Madness BELGIUM Says:

    […] Today I got the Enermax PSU back. Connected everything, pushed the button…no luck. Exactly the same situation. I did notice, however, something flashing at the back of the Striker. This just made my day. I get the CPU INIT error… if you don’t know what it is, check this thread. It would appear that the Striker might have had more to do with the issue than previously thought (so I did post in the right thread, after all…) __________________ Curently modding: S.T.A.L.K.E.R. -Faiakes Mod v2.3 […]

  101. george d UNITED KINGDOM Says:

    wow well i,m not as much a buff as you guys but done as was stated and did everything real slow took me a lond LONG time.
    it works yahay.
    i have nvidia stacker case,
    asus extreme mobo,
    tagan 1300 psu,
    q6600 oc to 3.00 ,(water cooled)
    two bfg 8800 ultras in sli,
    4x1gb corsair xms(?)
    150gb x2 raid mirrored.
    all the latest dohicky software,vist home premium 64bug, bios la la la
    but now lol
    i have no ability to software reboot( as in when a program requires reboot on desktop after installation etc, it shuts down? that is everything except lights fans /cooling and i have to hit reset switch on the case!)

  102. george d UNITED KINGDOM Says:

    oh an never have had any beeps of any kind not even on startup.
    should i ask scotty or spock?

  103. Dan UNITED KINGDOM Says:

    Guys, i bought a Striker II Formula and my computer ran perfectly for about 1 hour. Then, when i went to install windows updates, it froze itself. I waited a while but it didn’t move, so i restarted it. All i got then was a ‘Searching for array’ and then ‘Drive boot failure’ And then, i tried to clear the CMOS, but i’m now getting a blank screen. All fans and LED’s working and no beeps.

    Any suggestions?

  104. Lee CANADA Says:

    Thanks! It worked great!

    Asus Striker II Formula BIOS 0902
    Q6600 G0 SLACR
    2GB Patriot PC-9200
    PC Power and Cooling 750W Silencer
    eVGA 8800GTX

    I tried everything to clear the CMOS, but your instructions did the trick. I didn’t have any low speed RAM around, so I just used a single stick of my Patriot memory. Boots right up now…

    Sheesh… I’ve used ASUS boards forever and have never had problems like this before…

  105. Jubin Jacob UNITED STATES Says:

    I’m having what u call a crisis in faith with Asus mobo. Basically i had a problem same as an earlier post on here.

    I rma’ed the same board and I just got the new board again. I hooked everything up something came up on the screen saying the CPU detected was new or something similar to that. I had not finished putting all the boards and all so i turned it off thinking i will come back to it. Worst mistake ever…

    I turn the switch on the cpu fan spins for a sec and then turns off. I have the same CPU INIT on the back.

    Any help for you guys would be appreciated.


  106. Jubin Jacob UNITED STATES Says:

    Ok i got some latest updates… I think it might have been a bad psu. I had a BFG Tech psu i replaced that with my older OCZ 600W PSU. Everything turns on now the only problem its stuck at is after the splash screen it says CMOS CHECKSUM ERROR and i have to options F1 to continue or DEL to enter setup. If I press DEL the computer turns off. What shall I Do?

    I am so fed up with this. The store I bought from was COMPUSA and now they are out of business. I already had one mobo sent and the replacement is acting up worse.

    Any help for you guys would be appreciated.

  107. Keith UNITED STATES Says:

    OK, I have two suggestions(both had an impact for me).
    There is a power input on the motherboard called “power fan” towards the rear or the motherboard. IF I plug the chasis fan into this plug the thing goes haywire…freezing on the Logo screen, not rebooting et. Also there is a problem with the board making contact with the case. I believe this has to do with the Rebulic of Gamers cooling system. If you take a look at the bottom of the board you will see a large copper collered square that sticks out. This squar I believe makes contact with the case(some cases) and causes a short of kinds. I insulated the board from the case with a bag of foam stickers from walmart(found in the arts and crafts aisle). I have never had a problem since(no manual changes to BIOS).

    Asus Maximus Formula(SE) BIOS-0907

  108. morbias UNITED KINGDOM Says:

    Hi guys, I’ve just stumbled on this thread and have to say that -OgCracKer- described exactly the problem I had with my board. Now, I don’t have an SE, I have a P5N32e SLI which is a cutdown version of the SE; it doesn’t have the led display but it has in the past exhibited the exact symptoms of the CPU INIT error. It always seemed to happen after I’d been fiddling inside the case or removing a graphics card.

    I tried everything, 1.8v ram, running it out of the case, etc. etc.. eventually I found out that if I pushed on the bios chip a little it would start up without any problem whatsoever. I haven’t actually removed the chip and reseated it yet, but for the last 4 months, every time I get this problem I just push on the bios chip and the board will start without fail.

    If you haven’t tried this yet, then give it a go.

  109. Dan UNITED KINGDOM Says:

    Well here’s an update…

    I tried everything to get my striker II working again, but it wouldn’t work. So i have RMA’d my board and should be getting my replacement soon. The company have tested it and can confirm that the board powers up but there is no BIOS post.

    I hope my new board doesn’t die like this one did, or i’ll be scrapping this Asus and either getting the XFX 780i board or the DFI LanParty X48…

  110. PaulStorm UNITED KINGDOM Says:

    i tried and tried all the stuff above,,, i managed to get another ram stick some stuff that was in a CUSTOMERS pc it was buffalo select pc2-4200 i tried to find the voltage of this ram but could not. and still i get cpuinit error. i have had the cmos clearing for over 24hours now, i thought its got to go now,, but no go !!! one thing i must say is when i 1st got the MB and tested it on my work bench all fired up great, i only got the cpuinit eror when it went in to the case, now in or out the case it wont boot. i hope this thread is still going i need some help here guys and it will be the most appreciated help i ever had :-)
    (pic’s posted on website)

    Regards Paul

  111. px NORWAY Says:

    hi peeps!

    i builded my new system with Asus Striker II motherboard.
    I powered the system and all cpu + case fans worked and after 5seconds everything shuts down.

    I tried with different type of RAM but same result.
    I tried with 2 other different PSU i.e thermaltake 750W & Mist 600W but same result.
    I tried to connect all components outside of the box on a wooden surface and exactly same result.

    My system spes are;
    2GB pc6400 ddr2
    500GB Sata
    Asus Striker II
    8800GT xxx graphic card
    Nec Dvdrw

    I need help. Thanks!

  112. px NORWAY Says:


    after alot of testing. I bought a kingston 1gb pc5300 ddr2 memory stick. I inserted that in the 4th memory slot and powered the system. I got into bios and everything. So changing memory helped. Than i turned the machine off and inserted my other RAM but it wouldnt boot. So i inserted that kingston 1gb pc5300 back in and powered the system. Now i dont get a screen but all fans are spinning and all. I tried clearing CMOS and taking out battery for 15hours and stuff.. but nothing helped..

    So i went and borrowed my friends motherboard who also had same problem. I powered his machine with same memory stick and i got into BIOS. I upgraded bios at once and than i changed the MEM VOLTAGE from AUTO to 2.1 and i turned it down. I inserted the new memory sticks and powered and it went all oki! My friends motherboard detecting new memory and no CPU.INIT on lcd post!

    So all in all i think you guys will have only 1 chance with old memory stick to get into the bios! UPGRADE the bios at once.. have the new BIOS file in USB stick and upgrade it before turning it down!!

    I am still trying to get my board alive.. i will keep u guys updated 😉

  113. r8derhed5150 UNITED STATES Says:

    I made the mistake of getting this board knowing I was going to have problems with it. I got it used so I guess first thing is first, clear the CMOS. I pulled everything and gonna try again tomorrow after work.

    After all this time that this board has been out and its still hit and miss. I hope I can at least get a post after this. Thanks to everyone who has posted their findings. I’ll be back with my findigns. I’m gonna try every suggested idea.

  114. Colin NETHERLANDS Says:

    Wow! I got my pc back to life, the C-drive that is…!
    Hopefully I can get into my raid0 config too…
    Thanks for the good help!

  115. Jester UNITED STATES Says:

    ok, so I just found a quick fix for this. dont bother with the hardcore CMOS reset. I tryed it and it did nothing but frustrate me more. almost to the point of throwing the mobo in the garbage I realized that there may have been some caps on the board that had not completely drained. solution? take the bios off.

    It’s the square chip under the Republic of Gamers logo on the south bridge. use a jeweler’s screwdriver or a razor blade and pry up the corners equally to avoid damage. lay it face down on something(case bottom) for about 3 min just to be sure. reinstall by pushing it back in. be sure to align the corner groove up though. Workes beautify!

  116. Thank-You UNITED KINGDOM Says:

    Thank you very much! I was in a nightmare for a few minutes there, had to boot up the laptop to find a solution (which hasn’t been on in ages poor thing (also Asus (VX1) but no probs there).

    I don’t have any ‘cheap RAM’ unfortunately, using the OCZ Nvidia SLI ready stuff, but leaving just one chip in furthest from the CPU and taking out one of the graphics cards (and the mobo battery) and holding clear for a while seemed to do the trick!

    Many thanks again, was about to cry! Only wanted to update my bios as the stupid Nvidia drivers keep screwing up (should have googled bios update problems or left the clear CMOS checkbox unchecked, will be more sensible next time…)


  117. Jaco Roux Says:


    I am having a problem with a Asus Striker II Formula I bought last week. It ran fine for a few days, and while installing SP1 for Windows Vista the pc just rebooted, and then hang on a “INIT CODE” or “INITCODE” message on the LCD Poster. All the fans are spinning, and all the LED lights are on

    I Have:
    Asus Striker II Formula
    Corsair DDR2-1066
    XFX Geforce 8800GT

    I Have tried:
    * Removing all components
    * Removing the MB to make sure there is no short
    * Cleared the BIOS a million times.

    I am all out of options now, any suggestions?

    I have also posted the problem on:

  118. Jaco Roux Says:

    H, Just as an update

    This evening, I switched the machine back on, and left it on the CODE INIT Status, and after about 5 minutes if booted up. I have no idea how this was fixed, but I have my doubts about this MB, but at least its working now

  119. Iron_queen UNITED STATES Says:

    I just wanted to thank everyone on here for your suggestions. We were having the same issues and found that our problem was that 2 sticks of Ram are bad, after changing the stick 2 times it booted up just fine..

    Thanks again

  120. Problems!!! ugh........ - HardwareLogic UNITED STATES Says:

    […] Problems!!! ugh…….. Hi all, Ok guys…. I’ve been having some problems the last couple of days with the comp I’ve been working on for the last month or so, spec’s in sig. First off, on tuesday night, I was just putting together my watercooling loop, everything was going fine, got all the tubing on, rad and pump in place with the res to boot…. got the block mounted, hooked up all the wires, sat down for a second to admire my work of art… pressed the power button and POOFF!!! SHMMMMMMMMM!!!! SSZZZSSZSSZSSSS!!!!! "HOLY SNAP!!!!!" *turns off the power supply*………. Turns out, the power connector in my disc drive decided it was to cold a night to run, so it warmed itself up a little bitsy….. Just a LITTLE: (sorry for bad pics, took them to quick…) So, you kinda get the idea, my disc drive is currently out of service sitting in the garage….. As for the power connector, I took it off of the wires, and it’s just sitting unused ATM. I then turned the computer back on, and the PSU still worked, booted into windows, and all was well. Since then I have used my computer without a disc drive, I’m not sure what I should do really…. RMA the disc drive, or the PSU??? Or both?? I dunno… I really would hate to RMA the PSU right now though, as I’ve just got a new waterblock and I’ve been looking forward to testing it out over this weekend… but now, that dream seems lost as the rest of the story unfolds: Last night, I was getting some things done, preparing to do some testing like I said above, so I restarted, got into the BIOS and set the vcore to 1.4v (just to generate more heat for testing), I just kept the CPU at stock speeds though (2.66Ghz). I knew this was OK to do, and that it wouldn’t hard the CPU, I know not to go above 1.47v though. So I check a couple of other things in the BIOS, like my memory timings, etc…. and then exit Saving the changes. So it reboots like normal, and then I get this message that says something like "Warrning! New CPU Detected, CPU Initializing Now. DO NOT TURN OFF POWER". I have gotten this message before, like when I clear the CMOS or something, and it usually only takes a few seconds before that message disappears off the screen and the computer goes into a normal boot. So I let it sit, but the screen stays the same "Hmmmmm…" I thought…. so I continue to let it sit. And sit. And sit. Until after about 10 minutes, I had to go do something with the family, so I just shut it off by holding the power button down, and walked away. I came back about an hour and a half later, turned it back on, and got that little message again, but this time the message went away and the screen went blackety black. I let it sit like that for about 20 minutes, I could not figure out what was wrong, I tried just one memory stick, Nope, I unplugged the hard drive (if I had an non-burnt disc drive, I would have unplugged this too), Nope. "Ugh, whats wrong here!?" I thought, I checked the back LCD poster on the board, and it said "CPU INIT" which I then googled on my other machine, only to find out that it meant CPU Initialization, "D’oh!" I thought….. By this time, it was about 11pm, I was tired of messing with the thing, so I went to sleep… "Man, whats up with this thing? Darnit, I won’t be able to do anything if I have to RMA something….. ugh….." that was them followed by some ZZzzzzz’s. So, I wake up this morning at early clock 6am in anticipation to find out what was wrong. So I quickly hop on my secondary comp (mac mini) and do some more googling of the "CPU INIT" error on the striker board, I came across many people on other forums with the same problem as me, I read many many posts and a lot of the problems turned out to be there PSU or board thats dead or is causing problems, "Man!! I don’t want to do this, Humf." I then came across this site, with a short guide on how to fix the problem: ASUS Striker Extreme – CPU INIT Error | FreeDome I read through it several times, I followed all the steps, taking all the power cords out, then it said to get some 667Mhz memory that ran at 1.8v, turns out I’ve got some in my sisters comp, so I go grab that (shes still asleep ), I put in the one stick… Then I had to clear the CMOS, oh… did I mention that I had done this a gazzillion times already??? Nope, I guess not, well I followed There guide "Extreme Procedure to Reset CMOS". After that was done, I did the rest of the steps, turned it on, and Still… blankety black screen. Next, I pulled the processor from my sisters computer (which also happens to be socket 775), a good ol’ Pentium 4 3.2Ghz, I took out my proc and swapped in hers, put the waterblock back on, and then powered it on. Still, black screen. So, thats were it sits, shut down, and not in use, and with a burnt disc drive to boot! Right now, I’m really frustrated with this, all I have had with this board is PROBLEMS, problem after problem after problem, and as some of you know, I sent the board to RAID to do a memory review with the board…. he spent almost an entire week trying to get Vista installed and working, BSOD, BSOD,BSOD, B S O D. He explained it as BSOD Heaven, BSOD Merry-Go-Round, everything evolved around the BSOD’s. He now too, hates the darned board. He even thought of sacrificing it to the review god’s…. but I asked him not to, as that was my only board, and I need it back…. Any help at all would be GREATLY appreciated, cuz atm… I don’t know what to do… I can’t RMA the board either, as I got it through a buddy who works at a big company, and ASUS sent the board to the big company to test on one of the top machines, turns out, the big company didn’t need the board, because they already had a board to test. So the board was up for grabs at the big company (for employee’s), so my buddy picked it up, and gave it to me…. If I RMA it, ASUS will remember the S/N and the info will go back to the big company and the big company could get in trouble. The big company is aloud to give out things like this, but only if the items will be contained. I.E. not sold, used for yourself, etc… So again, I cannot RMA the board. Please help me! -Parker QX6700 ES @2.94Ghz (stock cooler, atm) ASUS Striker Extreme 680i 2GB Corsair Dominator 800Mhz Cas4 EVGA 8800GT 512MB @ 700/1717/1003 Corsair 650W Single 12v PSU Seagate 500GB 7200.11 32MB HD Samsung DVD Burner 22" SyncMaster 2220WM LCD […]

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    […] Re: PC no enciende [Maximus Formula / E8400] Prueba con lo que dicen ahi por si pasa algo ASUS Striker Extreme – CPU INIT Error | FreeDome —- Oye donde el typper la probaste afuera del gabinete leyendo en una oportunidad era que la placa estaba haciendo contacto mal con el gabinete. __________________ Editado por Snake_bite en 01-jun-2008 a las 18:44. Razn: Post unidos […]

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    […] ASUS Rampage Formula DOA Hello I received my order (2005201) last friday. I’ve put together the entire system and booted up. All the fans start spinning but the system does not POST. No system beeps or BIOS screen, the monitor does not activate. So I tested the board with a different video card, other memory and other CPU but still, it does NOT boot. So I hooked up the LCD Poster to the board, which is included in the motherboard box. This does not go further than "CPU INIT". So I looked up that error and stumbled upon this page: ASUS Striker Extreme – CPU INIT Error | FreeDome As you can see, there are dozens of people having the same problem with that perticular motherboard and other ASUS extreme motherboards. I am getting it ready to be sent back for DOA, as I have already spent more than 10 hours troubleshooting the damn board My question is, can I please exchange it for another type of motherboard? Preferrably Intel or Gigabyte. […]

  125. ASUS Striker 2 Extreme issues "CPU INT" - - UNITED STATES Says:

    […] Check this article out. __________________ 4Ghz on AIR Think your Hard drive is Failing? | Asus P5 Series Overclock guides A Legendary man once said: "having the best is good, but having something that isn’t the best is even better" ||||||Lithuanian Club|||||| […]

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    […] Well, today I came across this post : […]

  127. ecommerce websites list UNITED KINGDOM Says:

    […] Other than that everything seemed normal so I pushed the power button on my case and all fans start spinning, graphics card, hd rattles for a second … but couldn’t get past CPU INIT, no beeps, no image on screen, nothing. With all I have read here, …. What a shame that Asus produced such a piece of #h@t and for 260 euro. RMA and gigabyte for me. Best of luck to you all and do yourself a favor and get a bottle of Tequila while you troubleshoot this you’re gonna need it. …Read more… […]

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    […] (CORSAIR XMS2 2GB (2 x 1GB) 240-Pin DDR2 SDRAM DDR2 800 (PC2 6400) Dual Channel Kit Desktop Memory – Retail) i ordered a low voltage 1.8v memory by kingston shoud be here soon. i need on help this matter, any more ideas? thank you ….. I guess now I have a back up CMOS chip and a working PC again. At this point I can’t complain. So for all of you having the same problem and have tried everything that you can find under the sun. POP OUT THE CMOS CHIP AND RESEAT IT. …Read more… […]

  130. web archive UNITED STATES Says:

    […] I had a BFG Tech psu i replaced that with my older OCZ 600W PSU. Everything turns on now the only problem its stuck at is after the splash screen it says CMOS CHECKSUM ERROR and i have to options F1 to continue or DEL to enter setup. …. I don’t have any ‘cheap RAM’ unfortunately, using the OCZ Nvidia SLI ready stuff, but leaving just one chip in furthest from the CPU and taking out one of the graphics cards (and the mobo battery) and holding clear for a while seemed to …Read more… […]

  131. web archive UNITED STATES Says:

    […] ASUS Striker Extreme – CPU INIT Error | FreeDome 8 Jul 2007. He has the Asus Striker Extreme Mobo, in an Apevia X-Plorer case,.. I checked at Kingston’s web site and noticed that the KHX series,. Only this time it would freeze up at the “Republic of Gamers” splash screen. ASUS Striker Extreme – CPU INIT Error | FreeDome […]

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    […] #split {}#single {}#splitalign {margin-left: 0px; margin-right: auto;}#singlealign {margin-left: 0px; margin-right: auto;}#splittitlebox {text-align: center;}#singletitlebox {text-align: center;}.linkboxtext {line-height: 1.4em;}.linkboxcontainer {padding: 7px 7px 7px 7px;background-color:#eeeeee;border-color:#000000;border-width:0px; border-style:solid;}.linkboxdisplay {padding: 7px 7px 7px 7px;}.linkboxdisplay td {text-align: center;}.linkboxdisplay a:link {text-decoration: none;}.linkboxdisplay a:hover {text-decoration: underline;} function opensplitdropdown() { document.getElementById(‘splittablelinks’).style.display = ”; document.getElementById(‘splitmouse’).style.display = ‘none’; var titleincell = document.getElementById(‘titleincell’).value; if (titleincell == ‘yes’) {document.getElementById(‘splittitletext’).style.display = ‘none’;} } function closesplitdropdown() { document.getElementById(‘splittablelinks’).style.display = ‘none’; document.getElementById(‘splitmouse’).style.display = ”; var titleincell = document.getElementById(‘titleincell’).value; if (titleincell == ‘yes’) {document.getElementById(‘splittitletext’).style.display = ”;} } ASUS Striker Extreme – CPU INIT Error […]

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