Dual Sun Planets


Nowadays, in the world of dual core processors a new theory is added about the dual sun planets. There is an interesting article about this matter in BBC.

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The World’s Longest Tunnel


The world’s longest tunnel, which will connect Zurich with Milan, is currently under construction. The official site of the project provides all the relative details as well as an interesting photo galery.

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Poker Chip Tricks


When handling the poker chips becomes a science. See what I mean …

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Swinging Party Lucky Draw


A group of women and men are having a swinging party. When a beautiful women draws a car key from a glass bowl, the owner of the car is very happy to show up while other men are jealous. Followed by a very fat lady is trying to draw a key from the bowl, all the men are waiting nervously. A corolla car key is picked up by the lady, all the man stand up proudly to claim the ownership. It is a naughty ad but very funny.See the ad .

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7 Wonders Of The World!


Now you can vote for the seven wonders of the world by visiting New7Wonders. In this site there is an election of the seven wonders of the world including different places and monuments all around the world. So, everybody can vote for the monument of his own country or for others that are believed to be nice. The procedure of the elections is mentioned in New7Wonders and the final results will be announced in Lisbon on 7/7/2007. Also, there are photos of all the places along with historical information provided in the size of a paragraph.


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