Global Warming!


Global Warming is one of the serious problems of our world today! In the Global Warming site, there is a world map of early warning signs that clearly illustrates the global nature of the changes in climate. Also, there is an overview of what Global Warming is and solutions on how this problem can be solved!

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Happy Birthday – Today is Everyone’s Birthday


According to Chinese tradition, the seventh day of the first month of the lunar year (i.e. today) is regarded as the date for everyone’s birthday, also known as the “Human Victory Festival”, “Human Day,” “People” and “People on the 7th”. It is said that Creation legend Nu Wa came to the world to create the animals, such as dogs and pigs and cows…etc, to create people in the seventh day, so this day is the birthday of mankind.

Chinese people traditionally prefer foods which symbolize good luck in the Lunar New Year, in the seventh day, they normally enjoy eating rice with sort of soup which is made of seven vegetables in order to get rid of evils and heal the diseases. (Source: Wikipedia)

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The Goldfish that barks – Avista Language School Ad


A goldfish is happily swimming in the fish bowl while a cat is approaching towards it. As the cat wants to have it as dinner, the goldfish suddenly barks like a dog and scars the cat to run away. See the ad .

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Eternal Love!


In Italy, archaeologists have discovered two 5,000-year-old skeletons of a man and a woman locked in an embrace. This buried couple reminds us of the love story of Romeo and Juliet. A full report can be found in BBC. Also, there is a free video concerning this “romantic” and important discovery.

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Find out what happened the day you were born!


If you want to know what happened the day you wewre born then check Kakorama. In there you can see who else was born in the same date as you, what were the important facts of the year of your birth and many other funny things! 

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