Lexmark C530dn Low Cartridge Message


If you receive any warning that your Lexmark C530dn is running out of toner (Low Cartridge Message) for the first time just ignore it for a while. Especially when those are the very first cartridges. Your cartridge shall last for a while.

I got surprised when I noticed that I am running out of magenta toner without using the printer that much (especially for colour printing). With a bit of search around I noticed that it is rather a common problem and now I can confirm that I printed quite a lot of coloured pages using particularly the magenta colour. You need of course to remove the cartridge, shake it a bit, and place it back once per while, depending on the number of printings.

In general, I would say that I am happy with this printer, considering always the price I purchased it. I paid approximately GBP 300 (more than a year ago) for a fast colour laser printer, which benefits network connection and of course the fantastic duplex printing feature. And last but not least the 128 MB of memory.
You can have a look at some funny cases at the links below:

Lexmark C530dn, Low Cartridge Message

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ASUS EeePC900 Performance BOOOOOST


I own ASUS EeePC 900, a small notebook of 8.9 inches screen and I was very satisfied of its mobility use and its power as a computer. However, there was a big problem that I had noticed but soon I managed to solve it.


My notebook was using Windows XP with 1Gb RAM and the CPU at 0.9 GHz, it was somehow “slow”, insufficient in its use. This low performance made me nervous sometimes and I was feeling like my notebook was loosing its power.


The solution to this problem was to use Linux based OS as it is Ubuntu. So, at the moment that I had installed Ubuntu in my ASUS 900, everything worked perfect and made my life easier. The computer was very fast and its RAM and processor were good enough for me to perform all kind of functionalities without having problems.

And generally, the choice of Linux based OS in notebooks like that (ACER, LG etc.), is a good way in order to avoid performance problems.

ASUS EeePC900, Performance

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ASUS Striker Extreme – CPU INIT Error (Updated)



After working fine for almost 8 months, my ASUS SE got again the CPU INIT message. The only difference this time was that nothing I had tried before worked. By the way, I had a CPU INIT situation before Christmas and I fixed it immediately by following the steps mentioned in my previous post.


I worked until late Wednesday night, shut down the PC and went for sleeping. On Thursday morning, I tried to boot up my system but after pressing the switch the fans and lights operate for a couple of seconds and then off. I tried that more than 10 times with no difference.

I tried to clear the CMOS while the mobo was inside the case with no result. I took the mobo out, performed all the known steps with no result.

The only difference was that the fan and lights could operate as long as you keep the PC on, but the CPU INIT was still there.


I tried many combinations with no success. I remember the very last combination that finally brought the mobo back to life.

I put the low spec memory stick at the last slot (furthest from the CPU),

I put the Graphics Card at the second PCI-Express slot (not the upper one close to audio card) and I kept the SoundMAX audio card inserted.

This time I decided to remove the CPU as noted in ASUS forum. So I just removed the CPU fan and the CPU chip and after a few seconds I replaced it back and fixed the CPU fan on the top as it normally was.

I followed the clear CMOS process and left my flat for a pint. After about 5 hours I came back and put the battery back, released the Clear CMOS switch and kept the jumper at position 2-3 (Enabled).

I just connected a PS/2 keyboard and fired up the system. After a couple of seconds I heard the lovely beep.

I hope this helps you in case you have already failed to solve the CPU INIT problem following the previous suggestions described in the following link

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FreeDome’s New Suit


Freedome tries the new theme “Time1”, kindly provided by Pavel Bogdan. The FreeDome Team would like to thank the author. If you are interested in this theme you may visit this link. You can also make comments on the appearance or report any problems.

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Award winning Amazon price tracker


Are you a shopping maniac? Do you particularly use Amazon for your purchases? You might find this site interesting, which gives you the ability to track the prices of the items you are interested in buying. You may receive notifications on price drops of a particular item. For more details visit Apnoti.

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